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Wedding Etiquette
- Nov 15, 2017 -




     The traditional parade is very serious, especially about the church wedding, step-touch walking, is the right step, left and right to follow before the merger, pause for two seconds, then left to continue forward, then right to left foot before the merger, a pause. In walking, should pay attention to stride than when normal walking is small, the bride and groom stride and speed must be consistent, pay attention to light slow steady gait. Walking, right hand left arm with the bride groom, be careful not to pull his clothes, or tightly around the arm. In addition, the groom's arm natural bend is good, do not force tightly attached to the bride's wrist, and the distance between the two remained at 15cm is more appropriate.
The modern wedding is very exquisite to the admission, generally needs to arrange the conference hall, applies each kind of prop, the prop is especially important, also divides into many kinds. Take the door, road, Rome Avenue, column, champagne tower, Candlestick, etc. have got the wedding category