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The Properties Of The Crystal
- Jun 03, 2016 -

Crystal (rock Crystal) is a kind of Quartz (Quartz) Crystal mineral, its main chemical composition is SiO2, the chemical formula for SiO2. Western countries are think as long as it is transparent Crystal (Crystal), so the word contains a colorless transparent Crystal glass (blue) K9 class, common glass, also contains natural mineral Crystal. Is China's ancient name of crystal water extract, water garden, jade, crystal, such as a dozen call, in the and han three figure will Suan Ni purification. And, therefore, in order to differentiate, usually in international (Rockcrystal) referring to natural crystal. Well developed single crystal as the six-party cone, so often to block or granular aggregate, usually colorless, gray, cream, contain other mineral elements in purple and red, tobacco, tea, etc.