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The Classification And Historical Development Of Crystal Candelabra
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Candles are the earliest lamps used by humans. As the progress of human civilization, the status of candles gradually replaced by electric light. But has the candle disappeared from history? The answer is clearly negative. Now candles have more role, it is a master of the atmosphere, can also be used to make incense, and candlestick perfect collocation, so that its beauty can not be replaced.crystal candelabra

The first thing we see is a group of candlesticks with Oriental classical mystery beauty. The appearance of coral red gives it a quaint and seductive sheen. Exquisite iron frame, both lines and patterns are very exquisite. Using resin to make it non-conductive, insoluble water. The candlestick that follows is also made of resin. A pillar on the distribution of three candlesticks, the pillars of the gold make the overall feeling of the candlestick more classical, exquisite, more rich national color. The mysterious atmosphere of the ancient orient and the modern craft form the perfect union.crystal candelabra

Now see this group of candlesticks, design unique. The design is large, the lower part is small, and the sturdy support foot can provide enough balance. The perfect combination of resin and crystal makes the candlestick display its strange beauty. Perfect design, used in candlelight dinner, to create a romantic atmosphere for you.crystal candelabra 

The base of candlestick in Sui and Tang dynasties is often engraved with exquisite patterns. The Ming Dynasty candlestick modelling is rich, and has the very high artistic appreciation value, among them Yongle, Xuan morals when Jingdezhen kiln fired candlestick, the mouth and the pedestal is octagonal, the neck is the cylindrical shape. Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan zhengde Imperial porcelain and blue Arabic candlestick, for a tubular cylindrical plate, after the Qing Dynasty candlestick shape basically inherited this type.crystal candelabra