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Thanksgiving Day
- Nov 23, 2017 -



             The origin of Thanksgiving can be traced back to the beginning of the history of the United States, the early settlers originated in Massachusetts in Plymouth. These immigrants were called Puritans in England, because of their religious reform of the Church of England is not completely satisfied with, and the king and the Church of England for their political repression and persecution, so the pilgrims from the Church of England and as far as Holland, then decided to move to the other side of the Atlantic that no human habitation on the land, hoping to freely according to their wishes religious life.
In 1620, the famous "May flower" boat loaded with unbearable British domestic religious persecution of Puritans arrived in America 102.1620 years and the winter in 1621, they met with refugees brought the necessaries of life, specially sent to teach them how to hunt, fish and corn, pumpkin. With the help of the Indians, immigrants who finally won the harvest, to celebrate the harvest date, in accordance with the religious traditions and customs, immigration provides for the day to thank God and decided to thank the Indian's sincere help, inviting them to celebrate the festival of.[7]
I Obama pardons Turkey courage"
In late November 1621 Thursday, 90 Indians have a joyous gathering the Pilgrims and Massa Soder, celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in American history. They at dawn Mingfang salute, and marched into a room used as a church, religious expression of gratitude to God, and then lit the fire held a grand banquet, the hunting Turkey made delicacies the hospitality of the Indians. Second days and third days and held wrestling, running, singing, dancing and other activities. [7] male pilgrims go hunting, capture Turkey, women in the home with corn, pumpkin, sweet potato and fruit to make delicious food. So, whites and Indians around the bonfire, talking and eating. But now singing, now dancing the whole celebration lasted, three days [1]. Many celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day has spread offspring