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Mechanical Properties Of The Crystal
- Jun 03, 2016 -

Cleavage: no cleavage. Cleavage refers to the mineral is hit, the split along a certain direction there are rules to form a smooth surface properties. According to the degree of cleavage can be divided into five categories: very complete cleavage, complete cleavage, moderate cleavage, incomplete cleavage and no cleavage, crystal belongs to no cleavage.

Fracture: shells. Fracture is also called the crevasse. It refers to the mineral produce irregular broken after being hit, rupture surface uneven called fracture. According to the shape of the fracture can be divided into the shells and jagged.

Hardness: 7, mohs hardness for mohs hardness, quite generally hard steel file. In 1824, a man named frisch. Moss Austria mineralogist, 10 varieties from many minerals, after a scientific experiment to measure their relative hardness, the resulting crystal hardness of mohs 7. Although the use of national bureau of standards, promote more scientific, hardness tester, but the jeweler in many countries in the world, is still used to mohs hardness scale.

Density proportion (SG) : 2.66 (0.03, 0.03) g/cm3. This means that a certain volume, the weight of the crystal is 2.56 to 2.66 times the weight of the same volume of water. The massive variant crystal density may be slightly higher.

Piezoelectric: crystals of stress can be induced in charge; On the contrary, under voltage, the crystal will produce a high frequency vibration. Crystal can make the pressure and charge transfer the performance of each other, called piezoelectricity.

Striation color: colorless. The color of the mineral powder called streaks. It can eliminate the false color, abate his color, keep the color, is one of color is more reliable than mineral identification features.

Melting point: crystal melting point is 1713 ℃. The heat brittle characteristics, it is found in the experiment. Put crystal spray flame burning flame of baking, unless there is a very good protection, and slowly cooling, or crystal easy to fracture. This temperament, the ancients has been through.