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How To Spend Your Mind Making Fruit Bowl
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Friends Party, banquet guests, as host, not a good one can not do, the dishes do not matter, at least can also take the amazing fruit platter. Cut out a beautiful fruit plate without sharp knives, prepare a kitchen knife to cut large chunks of fruit, and then prepare a smart sharp knife to do fine carving.Fruit Bowl

If you need to cut the fruit slices into a specific shape, the appropriate molds are easy to use, such as using a flower-shaped mold to cut out flower-shaped honeydew melon slices. This mold can use the chip type biscuit mold, the pattern modelling best choice is relatively simple, lest after cutting the fruit breaks, causes the modelling to fail. There is a hand-dug ball can add to the fruit plate, will melon, dragon fruit and other fruit pulp fat into a small ball, loaded into the container, it is very cute, can also wear into a fruit candied yo.Fruit Bowl Watermelon lengthwise cut into a long strip shape, along the skin into the knife to separate the melon meat and melon. Cut the melon meat into small pieces of the same thickness. The melon meat was pushed back and forth into a patchwork shape. The watermelon is cut into large chunks of the triangle, and then from the tip of the back into the knife to remove the melon meat, leaving the 2cm thick melon as the base. Draw two narrow strips along the sides of the rind from the tip to the bottom. Then along the cutting knife's roots, the reverse tip of the direction of the two marks, note not to the top.Fruit Bowl

Roll down the tip of the rind to the melon meat and fix it with a toothpick. Cut the banana flesh into small pieces. Note that the banana peel is very easy to turn black after cutting, so it is best to cut the table as soon as possible, so as not to affect the effect. The fruit of one of the 1/4 apples is removed so that the apple can be placed on the plate in a smooth peel. Use toothpicks to mark the center line of the Apple, from the center line 0.4cm, tilt the 45° angle into the center direction, and then in the symmetrical side, cut the center of a small piece of apple. Cut out more apples in the same way and cut them evenly according to the same spacing and angle.Fruit Bowl

Put all the apple slices in order and restore them to 1/4 apples. The fruit core is excised so that the apple can be placed on the plate smoothly.Fruit Bowl