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Flower Of Commonly Used Building Materials
- Jun 03, 2016 -

Flower of commonly used building materials are: 1, bamboo timber: simple, natural, cheap, easy to machining, but poor durability. Bamboo is limited to strength and section size, beam column spacing shoulds not be too big. 2, reinforced concrete: pouring into various shapes according to design requirements, can also be made of prefabricated, on-site installation, flexible, durable, the most widely used. 3, stone material: solid and durable, but the transportation inconvenience, commonly used material for flower column. 4, metal material, light and easy system, section of components and self-respect are small, use should pay attention to when using area and the choice of climbing plant species in order to avoid the main tender branches and leaves, and often should paint curing, paint corrosion in case.