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Crystal Table Lamp Size And Cleaning
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Keep the light body balance: If you want to remove all the beads from the cleaning, large lamps should pay attention to the balance of the light when the bead is broken, do not dismantle the other side and then cause the lamp body to tilt, resulting in the lamp body or outer frame deformation; Wipe Bracket Accessories: In the wiping bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not dip in water, especially if not stained with alcohol water, so as to avoid wiping out the protective film outside the plating layer, the effect of light on the surface of the lamp frame.Crystal Table Lamp

Timely replacement of accessories found beaded connection buckle rust discoloration, a beautiful, easy to crack, the best way to exchange; Table lamp, according to the use of functional classification are: Reading table lamp, decorative table lamp. Read the table lamp, light body shape is simple and light, refers to reading and writing the lamp, this kind of lamp can adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction of light and brightness, mainly to read the lamp reading function; Decorative table lamp appearance luxurious, material and style diverse, light body structure complex, used for embellishment space effect, The decorative function is as important as the lighting function.Crystal Table Lamp

The use of different places, the size of the table lamp, style, material also slightly different. For example, the hotel table lamp than home decorative table lamp size is much larger, especially for the hotel lobby table lamp, larger size, thick and luxurious. European antique Table lamp lamp Durable engaging, supporting the European style of architecture, has the effect of icing on the cake. Modern business hotel suites, then supporting some modern simple table lamps, refreshing concise, not muddy, also refreshing. Luxury high-grade table lamp, with the appropriate environment, embellishment space effect of good circumstances, whether the light is bright, or closed, is a work of art!Crystal Table Lamp

This cute cool bear lamp is the innovative circuit design, two-shift switch design, light brightness adjustable, energy-saving environmental protection, protect eyesight, applicable to various occasions. Cute cool bear lamp lampshade can rotate 120 degrees, suitable for different angles of lighting, folding lamp design, easy to receive space, built-in rechargeable battery, also configure USB and external power charging interface. This section lamp does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful elements, easy to recover. Bedside lamp compared to the room for daily living needs of the main lamp, but also the owner of the bedside reading, changing clothes, dressing the local lighting needs, not only so, if properly arranged, it can also play the role of adjusting the bedroom atmosphere, beautify the bedroom. Therefore, the light effect of bedside lamp should be bright and soft, can create a kind of warm style.Crystal Table Lamp