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Crystal Cleaning And Maintenance
- Dec 27, 2017 -

        Crystal strong, pay attention to attack heavy pressure, attack and break, attack high temperature, attack strong alkali, strong acid. When moving the crystal, it is best to pick up the soft cotton gloves and stop the oil stains on the hand. Mention crystal objects, do not want to hold the bottom of the epitaxial crystal ornaments or parts, should pay close attention to the base of crystal or the entire body. Find a dust collection crystal, do not use the feather brush, cloth breeze dust and to light and no fluff, not to force Fushi, lest torn crystal.

        The crystal glasses should be kept bright and clear, so they should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, it is not to be soaked in water at high temperature or high temperature. You don't have to stack the flat bottomed crystal glasses together to avoid breaking up by pressure. The best way to wash the crystal is that it does not use a machine to wash the glass, nor can it be scrubbed with a clean cloth. Be careful not to catch the crank of the cup to dry or clean it, because the stem is prone to fracture in a hard case.


          With the temporary crystal in the vase, the inner wall always attaches a layer of ugly scale, which affects the beauty of the crystal utensils. At this time if the acidic vinegar water mixture of cleaning can effectively remove the scale. So in clean crystal, can put it in brine (salt, salt) soak for 24 hours, then washed with water, with a clean cloth wipe can also be crystal; soak for 40 minutes in the water; if the smaller volume can be put in Amethyst hole, can reach the purification, degaussing etc. function. If you want to clear the wax of the crystal candlestick, soak it in warm water for 3 minutes, and not use hot water. Then use a toothpick to remove small residual wax, then rinse with warm water, and finally with a light soft and contains no nap cloth.
          A mark or fingerprint in crystal ware, can use lukewarm soap water washing, then washed with water to clean. Avoid repeated cleaning in hot water or clean Francis. Have cut crystal ornaments, locally available toothbrush cut clean, if there is no easy to wash off the stain, can cut lemon with some salt, gently scrub. It can also be rubbed with a few drops of vinegar with salt.


           The storage crystal cup, put aside frame covered with cloth, and each a crystal cup to bottom way to put one. The glass crystal collection in sealed or display, in order to reduce the chance of dust accumulation inside the crystal, also can reduce manpower contact, prevent damage. You don't have to make the collection too close, or if you hit one of them, the rest will be dumped because of the domino effect. Ensure that the cabinet is stable and reliable, and it is not easily shaken. The crystal in the mirror, let the light refraction to the crystals, to prevent the bottom of crystal in the paintings or other items, such as the curtain of shaking the crystal to break down and furnishing articles.
            If you want to keep a crystal collection for a long time, you don't have to use foamed paper or plastic bags. This kind of packing bag will add temperature and damage the crystal. At the same time, you must not keep the crystal in the attic or the cellar so as not to be in a bad environment. The Amethyst jewelry, try to avoid glare, otherwise, it will affect the color