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The ninth Pujiang crystal glass industry expo
- Nov 30, 2017 -

2017, the opening of the ninth Pujiang crystal glass industry fair. The Expo is hosted by China Daily Glass Association, Zhejiang economic and Information Committee, Zhejiang business hall, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Pujiang County People's government.

16 October - 18 days, in the Pujiang Industrial Park held a China crystal crystal and glass products exhibition. The exhibition set the standard and special equipment exhibition pavilion, the scale is equivalent to 200 standard booths, attracted SWAROVSKI and other world-renowned brands, domestic and foreign enterprises, domestic and foreign buyers, business platform and the team to participate in the exhibition, and level size are more than the previous level.

Yesterday afternoon, in the Pujiang Xian International Conference Center investment project signing ceremony, the 22 investment projects signed, the total investment amounted to 7 billion 760 million yuan. After the signing ceremony, held a summit forum on the development of crystal and glass products industry. "The forum keynote + roundtable discussion", to create "ingenuity Genyu Silk Road" as the theme, invited international famous crystal industry executives, hundreds of experts and Pujiang crystal enterprise, hot topic to explore the development and transformation of crystal industry, analyzes the development trend of the industry, in order to provide basis for enterprise development planning.

  Pujiang crystal glass industry started in the last century, the mid 80s, Zhejiang has a massive economic development, the typical development characteristics. After 30 years of rapid development, Pujiang crystal glass industry has made the largest sales of similar products in the market, the status of the industry products most varieties, have the industrial base to further seize the crystal glass industry in the future competition.

From the beginning of this century, Pujiang has become the country's largest crystal processing center of.2003, Pujiang County China Light Industry Federation and the Chinese Daily Glass Association awarded the "China crystal glass are honorary title.2016 annual output value of 9 billion 11 million yuan, an increase of 26.15%; tax revenue 208 million yuan, an increase of 1 this year - 58.21%. in August the output value of 7 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 30%, revenue growth of 49.5%.

Pujiang County in accordance with the "one area" principle, planning to build a total area of 795 acres of the 4 crystal Industrial Park, industrial park, a total construction area of about 790 thousand square meters, has a standard workshop of 168.2016 at the end of the four crystal Industrial Park completed enterprises, 1177 enterprises entering in similar products further integration of the 438, the basic form of the central, South by lighting, crafts mainly in the eastern part of the west by drilling, pressure type, facet based industrial layout, the crystal industry "small" disorderly development problem has been fundamentally improved.

Some crystal enterprise in the county gradually emerge in the international arena, such as Howard crystal has been listed on the new three in September this year, becoming the county's first listed on the new board crystal enterprise; Dongzhou crystal in Italy, France, Spain, South Korea has its own agent, as Prada, LV and other luxury brand suppliers last year. Pujiang has successfully introduced Chinese Huaxin Energy Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Fu Hing Group, established a total size of 13 billion 500 million yuan of the 3 crystal special industry fund, to boost the development of enterprises to enhance the crystal.

At present, Pujiang has started the crystal town project will be the construction of the "China world crystal production and marketing center" as the goal, to ZOJE (Pujiang) industrial cooperation Park and the central crystal crystal industry agglomeration based on the formation of industry, culture, tourism, community "four in one" livable industry should travel the characteristics of small town, to build the province's industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration area.