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The different between crystal candelabra
- Nov 21, 2017 -

1.Artificial crystal is containing lead oxide glass, the higher the containing lead oxide composition, refractive index and higher hardness of the product is pure crystal, and more difficult to cut, manufactured goods also more rare. So the difference value of high quality crystal vessels and common glass or low discount of the crystal luminosity is great. 

2.In the sun, reflects the high quality crystal of light color, light and transition very natural and rich colors, glass refractive index is often incomplete and relatively dim. The transparency in natural light, high-quality crystal transparency shows a glistening white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal yellow or a blue complex. 

3.The same size of two objects, artificial crystal products than glass heavy, glass is relatively lighter 

4.Because the crystal hardness than ordinary glass, often long-term use will not change images, and repeated use of long glass, it is very easy to produce a superficial change and pollution. The artificial crystal is bigger than the hardness of glass so that the surface with artificial crystal to glass when leaving a trail, and the glass drawing there is no signs of this crystal.