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Product installation instructions
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Assembly of the above items are quite simple and require no tools.


1. Screw the long pole in base.(please read caution 1 below)

2. Slide 4 long arms in metal piece on top of pole. (please read caution 2 below)

3. Screw the small pole in metal piece of the long pole at the center.

4. Slide 4 short arms in small pole.

5. Screw the stem in short pole

6. screw either bowl or center cup in stem.


Caution 1: Tightening the pole in base.

Once the Pole is screwed in Base all the way, stop over tightening. Metal plate with screw is glued at the bottom of the Pole. Excessive force to turn the pole, will result in either snapping the metal-plate off the pole or if the glue is too strong, further turning will crack the pole itself at the bottom. OOPS……


Caution 2:  Sliding arms in Pole.

There are 7 pieces glued together to make the long arm (not counting 4 nugs to hang beads). Line up the 2 flanges of the metal piece of arm with groove on the long pole. Make sure both flanges are in the groove. Then just press the metal piece of the arm in the groove by thumb as shown in (image-1). It should go in easily. If it does not slide in easy, try another groove. Please don’t wiggle the arm or apply too much force.

Metal parts are machine made with 4 precise grooves of same size, however nickel plating may reduce the groove gap enough to make it harder to slide in the arm. Just try another groove.

Tip: It is easier to hang the crystal beads on all arms, before sliding arms in the poles.


Caution 3: While installing a candle or a peg votive in the cup, support the arm in the middle. (image-2) Trying to push votive without supporting the arm in the middle will transmit the leveraged force directly to the glued metal piece on the arm and may crack it off the crystal.


While dismantling, follow the 6 steps above in reverse order. Storing the parts in appropriate cutouts in Styrofoam, will assure safe transport of the unit and longer use of the candelabra. While removing the arms from pole, use thumb under the arm to slide the arm out of the groove. (image-3).