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crystal Manufacturing Proce
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Opening, pressing, polishing, polishing, punching, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packing [5].

Face, plane, face plus plane and hand engraving.


(1) material: the shape and size of the whole material to be sawed out at high speed by a large saw blade.

Second, press the embryo: make the desired size and shape of the finished product with the mold, and then melt the raw material to more than 900 centigrade, flow into the die and die.

(3) rough polishing: molds pressed out of the molds, and the diamonds are directly grinded out of the finished products.

Perforating: before the crystal finished product is not completed, according to the size and position of the required punching, it is processed by the drill, such as the tabulation, the pen, the bottle hole, etc.

The printing: crystal surface with different color effect processing, color level is thick, focus on the rear can fall off.

7, plating color: the use of similar techniques in electroplating crystal surface with different colors, the level is thin, the friction can be scratched; due to scratches, plating color, often at the bottom, so the bottom plating color often used by other objects such as Zodiac attachment, Wen Zhen.

8, carving: three-dimensional sense of strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Break up work of engraving graphics, machine carving characters.

9, sandblasting: three-dimensional sense of weak, smooth, no concavity, machine engraving text, graphics and other after effects processing. Low cost production quickly.

10, laser engraving: forming three-dimensional patterns in crystal objects in computer aided laser equipment, good artistic effect, can express all kinds of patterns, graphics, achieve realistic effect