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Crystal Wedding Decor & Gift

The Crystal Wedding Decor & Gift produced by our company include cake racks, wine glasses, candlesticks, vases and ornaments. These crystal products are very beautiful and attractive. They can be used as an ornament to beautify your home, or as a gift to give to your loved one. The crystals used in these products produced by our company are rare minerals.
It is a kind of gem. It belongs to the quartz family in mineralogy, and forms a colorless and transparent crystal when pure. The products we produce have an artistic look and good color. After processing (cutting, grinding, throwing), they are crystal clear, dazzling, and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
Pujiang Shenghuo Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is credible crystal wedding decor & gift suppliers and well-known manufacturers in China which is specialized in this field. It is available to wholesale crystal wedding decor & gift directly from us or through our website with low price. Customize products are also provided which are made according to your requirements.
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