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Wedding Decoration SH-0509

Wedding Decoration SH-0509

Pujiang Shenghuo Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is an credible wedding decoration sh-0509 supplier in China among those well-known manufacturers, welcome to wholesale wedding decoration sh-0509 directly from us or customize products through our website. Products Information Certifate Company...

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Q:How to get the item price?


If the products you want are showing on our website or on the picture album, you just tell us the item no. and your quantity, I will give you the best price.


If the products need your personal designs and requirements, please tell us the following information so that we can offer the price immediately.

1) model and measure of the products (you had better have drawings, samples or product photos).
2) quantity and expected time for delivery.
3) if you need sandblasting and inner sculpture, please inform us at the same time.
4) your detailed contact method.

Notes: generally speaking, our prices include the tax for common gift boxes if there are no such requirements, please inform us beforehand.


Q:What is the minimum order quantity you want?


Normally, there is no limit for the minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is subject to the demand of our esteemed clients. More bigger quantity, the price is also more cheaper.


Q: Normally, how long will it last before delivery?


As usual, one week is enough after your order to deliver your goods. But for some gifts with small quantity and less complicated crafts, we can deliver earlier before the deadline. If customers need urgent orders, we can negotiate the time for delivery but you have to pay some extra expenses.


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