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Crystal Vase

The crystal vases we produce are very beautiful because they have a unique and elegant shape, a perfect cut surface and a good luster. Use them to place a fresh bouquet that will allow you to spend a perfect day in the visual and aroma. The size of these vases is very suitable. In addition, its bottom is also very stable, so it is good for you to place flowers.
This product is environmentally friendly and green because it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time. In addition, because it is durable, it is not easily deformed. It has a unique advantage in packaging and is an indispensable item in modern lifestyles.
Pujiang Shenghuo Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is credible crystal vase suppliers and well-known manufacturers in China which is specialized in this field. It is available to wholesale crystal vase directly from us or through our website with low price. Customize products are also provided which are made according to your requirements.