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Pujiang Shenghuo Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is specialize crystal more than 15 years.

High quality crystal flower candelabra with reasonable price;

Top quality pure crystal material;

crystal candelabra with custom-made size and design;

crystal candelabra for wedding decor,party centerpiece,home decor,dinner decor,etc.event centerpiece.

About Flame

Pujiang Shenghuo Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is an credible crystal crafts supplier in China among those well-known manufacturers, welcome to wholesale crystal crafts, coloured glaze crafts, wedding decoration, home decor, candelabra directly from us or customize products through our website. Product quality reliable, affordable, favored by domestic and foreign general consumer's affection, at the same time, products are exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

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An Overview Of The Crystal Perfume Bottles

An Overview Of The Crystal Perfume Bottles​Crystal perfume bottles, English name Crystal scent - bottle. Main material is K9 artificial crystal. It is mainly used for cars and car,